RB6031 Ray Ban

Brand: Ray Ban
Model: RB6031
Available Colors: 2502(Dark Grey) – 2503(Black) – 2508(Gold) – 2510(Dark Blue) – 2511(Brown) – 2512(Bronze) – 2524(Rose Gold)
Available Sizes: 48 – 50
Bridge: 19
Temples: 135
Note: Stainless Steel
Typology: Unisex
Material: Steel
Shape: Almost rectangular
Suitable for prescription Lenses
Progressive Friendly: Suitable for Multifocal prescription Lenses
Product Year: 2003

Ray Ban Catalogue

Authentic Ray-Ban® prescription lenses. Both for clear glasses and sunglasses.

Ray-Ban are offering a wide range of frames with authentic Ray-Ban prescription lenses featuring the Ray-Ban logo and Ray-Ban initials. ​Available for both clear glasses and sunglasses, this is your way of knowing that every detail meets the highest standards of the Ray-Ban brand. For those who don’t want to compromise on quality and are looking for the complete Ray-Ban experience, this latest innovation is exactly what you’ve been waiting for.
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